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HDB pilot model for singles

Assoc Prof Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim’s (Minister of State for National Development) speech at Committee of Supply 2021 debate Mr Chairman, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected many Singaporeans, with the lower-income and vulnerable among us especially hard-hit, for instance in terms of jobs and income loss.  At the same time, the crisis has brought out the best in us. We saw so many individuals and groups stepping forward to help others. For example, groups of volunteers went out at night to befriend rough sleepers,....

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Tackling Online Scams

MP Derrick Goh’s speeches during the debates on MHA’s Budget  Effective justice for online harm As the digital space grows, more and more Singaporeans young and old are going online as we should expect. Many are vulnerable and may not be equipped with sufficient digital literacy and participation in the digital space may expose them to tortious harms.  These group of vulnerable citizens could be exposed to bad actors online who may spread falsehoods about them, harass them or worse,....

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Legislating Right to Work from Home and Quicker Expansion of Progressive Wage Model

MP Louis Ng’s speeches during the debates on MOM’s Budget  Addressing migrant worker agent fees Migrant workers help to build our nation. I thank them for helping to make Singapore the shining red dot we are today. Many of them invest a significant amount of money to come to Singapore. They have to pay agent fees to even secure a job here. This means when they first step foot on Singapore soil, they are already thousands of dollars in debt.....

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Installation of Speed Cameras in Incident-Prone Areas

Ms Joan Pereira asked the Minister for Home Affairs (a) what criteria need to be met before the installation of speed cameras for roads; and (b) whether the Ministry will consider installing them where speeding takes place often especially at locations where these incidents occur mostly at night. The Minister of State for Home Affairs (Assoc Prof Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim) (for the Minister for Home Affairs): Mr Speaker, for the installation of speed cameras, the Traffic Police (TP) will consider locations where speeding takes place often and which are prone to accidents.....

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